Jawatan Kosong di IRDA

Located in Johor, the southern gateway to Malaysia, the Iskandar Development Region is poised to become Asia's most exciting regional metropolis. The Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) has been entrusted to realise this vision of developing a vibrant new City in the heart of South East Asia.

Such an endeavor will require the talents of the regions best in the area of planning, implementation, coordination, control, management, finance and promotion to ensure the success of the Iskandar Development Region. Work with others who share your same enthusiasm for excellence, new challenges and innovation.
IRDA offers a unique opportunity to be part of a special team that will work towards bringing the vision of a thriving new Asian metropolis which integrates the elements of industry, commerce, lifestyle and entertainment

1. Assistant Vice President of Social Inclusion
2. Senior Vice President / Vice President Of Business Improvement
3. Associate Regulatory Compliance
4. Vice President of Human Capital Management
5. Vice President of Media Relation
6. Receptionist (KL Office)

Closing Date : 20 Januari 2013